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Nanno lets you browse, shortlist, book, and pay babysitters from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. And it’s completely free. You only pay for the care you book.

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Vetted sitters at your fingertips

Our screening process is one of the toughest in the industry, ensuring Nanno sitters are calm, courteous, punctual, and often experienced in caring for children with a range of special needs.

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Designed for spontaneity

Most bookings on Nanno are filled within 15 minutes, meaning that you can go and enjoy yourselves on the spur of the moment. In fact we actively encourage it!

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“I really cannot thank you enough for the incomparable help you’ve given me. For a single parent, you complete the village.”
Pamela (Austin, tX)
“It was an awesome experience and a surprisingly immediate match. We will definitely use the service again.”
Igor (Atlanta, GA)
“This is an amazing service for working parents! We were really pleased with our sitter.”
Lauren (Denver, CO)

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Great for occasional users
Hourly rate from $20/hr for up to 2 kids*
Hourly rate from $25/hr for up to 4 kids*
* Exact prices depend on location
Great for regular users
Hourly rate from $16/hr for up to 2 kids*
Hourly rate from $20/hr for up to 4 kids*
* Exact prices depend on location
As low as $1 per use*
Offer backup child care as an employee benefit
Great for employers of all sizes
Individualized packages suit the needs of the organization
* Exact price depends on plan


How do I know if you have babysitters near me?

We have sitters in every major U.S. metro area -- and in a lot of rural areas as well.Click here to check if we have sitters in your zip code.

Is there a fee to join Nanno?

Nope. Our basic plan is totally free. You only pay for the care you book. (If youupgrade to our premium planfor $29.99/month, you get a lower hourly rate when you book care. But that’s totally optional.)

Can I choose my sitter?

Yes and no. We can’t guarantee that a single sitter that you choose will be available at the exact time you need them. Instead, we let you choose a bunch of different sitters you like, and send your request to ALL of them. The first to say she can do it is booked instantly. (And your list is automatically saved for next time.)

Can I see sitter ratings and reviews?

At present, we keep all ratings and reviews internal -- and take responsibility for removing any sitter who does not get high ratings. But the ability to view ratings and reviews is coming in our new app -- launching in November 2020!

Do you run background checks on your sitters?

Of course! Unlike other babysitting apps, ALL sitters on Nanno are background checked. (Read more about our full screening process here.)

How much does it cost to book a sitter?

It depends on where you are, but the hourly rate ranges from $16 to $35 per hour. In the vast majority of locations, the hourly rate is $20 per hour on the basic (free) plan, or $16 per hour on the premium plan.

What is the difference between Nanno and

Unlike, SitterCity and even UrbanSitter, Nanno is truly an on-demand app. Think of us like Uber or Lyft, while our competitors are more like a listing of taxi drivers who might be available (or might not).

What if my sitter doesn’t show up?

We do a lot of work to make sure this doesn’t happen -- including check-ins with sitters leading up to their booking, etc. But if it DOES happen, our team will do everything in our power to find a replacement sitter ASAP. (We take reliability very seriously!)

What happens if I don’t like my sitter?

If you aren’t feeling great about the sitter you’re matched with, you can cancel anytime before the booking begins, and we’ll match you with a new one.

How do I pay my sitter?

Payment is processed automatically. When you book your sitter, you enter your credit card details. Your card is “authorized” at that time, but you don’t actually get charged until your booking is completed.

Can I book the same sitter I booked last time?

When you find a sitter you love, you can add her to your favorites list. The next time you book a sitter, you can request her first.

Can I book a long-term sitter through Nanno?

Yes and no. Currently, our app only handles one-time bookings. But if you find a sitter you love and want to work with her on a regular basis, we can set you up for automatic bookings on a set schedule -- just let us know.

Can I book a sitter for an event?

Yes! Most sitters love working events.Contact usfor more info on booking babysitters for events, and to upgrade your account to add event-booking capabilities.

Can I cancel my Nanno sitter?

Of course! You can cancel for free up to 24 hours in advance of your booking (or within 15 minutes after your booking is confirmed, for same-day bookings). If you cancel outside of those times, a cancellation fee applies.

Are you insured?

Yes! All Nanno engagements are fully insured and bonded.

Can your sitters provide transportation for my kids?

Sure. While we don’t specifically vet sitters for driving (i.e. pull driving records or car insurance, check carseats, etc.), you are welcome to discuss those things directly with your sitter and make any arrangements that work for you.

Do you offer backup child care through employers?

Yes! ThroughNannoCare, employers can provide backup child care as an employee benefit.